Commercial Specialty Services

Universal Spray & Drywall can handle all of your framing and drywall needs along with many other specialty services such as doors & hardware, fiber glass insulation, demolition, acoustic reducing ceilings, paint, Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP), and exterior insulation & finish systems (EIFS).

Doors & Hardware

Universal Spray & Drywall strives to be your one stop shop for commercial construction. Our experienced carpenters will install door frames, door slabs, door closers, and hardware of all kinds. Universal’s carpenters install Bath grab bars, bathroom fixtures, as well as many other finish items. We can take your project to the final to make your scheduling that much easier!


Universal Spray & Drywall has the demolition crews available so we can be a one stop shop of sorts when it comes to remodeling a commercial property. Instead of dealing with multiple contractors to demo, frame, drywall, and finish the property, we have the ability to handle all aspects of the wall/ceiling jobs, allowing you to have one contact point.

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

FRP wall panels offer attractive, sanitary alternative to traditional decorative wall panel systems. FRP is stylish, moisture resistant, & easy to clean. Universal Spray & Drywall works hard to reduce your costs and stay on schedule.

Custom Textures…

Prime & Finish Paint

With professional experienced painters, Universal Spray & Drywall has you covered once the sheet rock is up. We can do a final sand in the morning, and before you could even call another contractor, have the first prime on the walls that evening. Avoid the scheduling headache, and let us take care of multiple stages of a job. Once you do, you won’t go back to the old ways again.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles (ACT)

Acoustic ceiling tiles (ACT) have many benefits other than just the ability to decrease rebound and improve sound quality inside the room they are installed in. An acoustic ceiling also diminishes noise that carries from other stories of the building, and since it is suspended from the ceiling, it has the ability to hide (and provide easy access to) wiring, cabling, and piping that is often required in commercial buildings.

Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS)

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) are multi-layered external wall systems that are often used in commercial buildings. They offer high energy efficiency and superior design flexibility than other casing products. Currently, EIFS account for approximately 30% of the U.S. commercial exterior wall market. EIFS consist of insulation board, made of polystyrene or polyisocyanurate foam, a water-resistant base coat, which is applied on top of the lining and strengthened with fiber glass mesh, and an attractive and heavy-duty finish coat.

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